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TotalEnergies Uganda offering young graduates an opportunity to gain International experience

TotalEnergies under the AMO Young Graduate Programme initiative is giving young graduates with technical, business and finance backgrounds an opportunity to acquire skills required in the oil and gas industry.


Why the initiative was started

The need to expose the beneficiaries of the programme to hands-on field practice and international experience prompted the launch of this initiative in the Africa/Middle East division in 2014. TotalEnergies Uganda supports local graduates in capacity building through recruitment, integration, training, development and career assessment. We believe that the key to developing a sustainable expert workforce is by contributing to the development of the knowledge base and the growth of its human capital. "The young Graduate Programme is not just a regular job; it provides a platform for the young people to learn from the different experts in the business. There are no career limits in this”, says Susan, Human Resource and Admin Manager, TotalEnergies Uganda.

Details of the Programme

The Young Graduate Management Programme runs for 18 months. We recruit two local graduates who are taken through the two phases of the programme. During the first phase of 6 months, the young graduate is required to work with TotalEnergies Uganda under a professional mentor. Under the second phase, in the event that other affiliates are interested in the profiles of the young graduates from TotalEnergies Uganda, they grant 12 months International Training Assignment Agreements to work with the graduates for the duration, to train them further. The young graduate may also be considered for full time permanent employment by the subsidiary of origin only upon full completion of the programme and if there are job opportunities. By the end of the programme, the young graduates will acquire strong professional experience that will allow them to be competitive in the job market.

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