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Sheila, a local Scholarship beneficiary, shares her experience


Tell us about your experience under the Total E&P Uganda A-level scholarship programme?

Kings College Budo is a great school; it is always among the top three schools in the country. There are many students out there that dream of an opportunity to get to into this school, and I was one of them. But thanks to Total, my dream turned into reality.  I was able to get the opportunity to join this great school for my A-level studies. I met different people from various backgrounds, wonderful people that were always willing to help me in many different ways. It was a really nice experience.

Why was this scholarship important to you?

My father passed on when I was three years old; since then, life has not been easy for my single mother and me. I only managed to complete my primary education in Masindi because it was under the government’s Universal Primary Education scheme. However, when I joined high school for my O levels, my mother struggled to pay my tuition. It wasn’t until senior two that I was privileged to benefit from an academic bursary which enabled me to complete my O-level studies.   
It was during my O-level vacation that the future of my education was cast in doubt; I didn’t know where the money would come from for my next level of education. It is at this time that I heard about the Total E&P Uganda Scholarships. Many people that had also heard about the scholarship and knew me encouraged me to try out my luck. This was probably because the potential they saw in me to succeed. And by God’s grace, I was among the selected few that got the scholarship out of the many that had applied. I feel so lucky! I will forever be grateful to Total for this opportunity

What career would you like to pursue upon completion of your degree?

I would really like to pursue a career in petroleum engineering.

”Everything happens for a reason.”



2015-Present: University Student

Mining & Engineering, Busitema University, Uganda


2013 – 2014: Student,

King’s College Budo, Uganda


2009 – 2012: Student

Merryland High School Entebbe