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24/06/2015 Press release

Total E&P Uganda and JV partners revamp the oil and gas section at the Uganda Museum

Kampala, 25 June 2015

Total E&P Uganda and its Joint Venture (JV) Partners, CNOOC Uganda Limited and Tullow Uganda Operations PTY have today unveiled the revamped oil and gas section at the Uganda Museum. Officiated by the Minister of Energy, Hon Eng. Irene Muloni, the project is aimed at educating and increasing awareness of the oil and gas industry to various stakeholders and the general public.

The section is to serve as a centre for basic information and research about oil and gas in Uganda. It consists of historical information and achievements to date in the Ugandan oil and gas sector, the oil cycle – i.e. exploration, development and production –, some of the equipment used during operations and related videos.

Speaking at the launch ceremony held at the Museum, Hon. Irene Muloni commended the oil companies for their commitment to share information with Ugandans.
“The Ministry of energy is proud to work in collaboration with the three joint venture partners to promote access to information, especially in Uganda where the oil and gas industry is new to us. This initiative will play a great role in shaping our future through educating the public about oil, encouraging young minds to pursue academic studies related to the sector and also the private sector to pursue business opportunities with the oil sector”, she said.

Addressing the guests on behalf of the partners, Mrs Ahlem Friga Noy, the Corporate Affairs Manager Total E&P Uganda, said that the JV partners felt a strong sense of responsibility towards the country and the need to share information on the oil sector with the public. “Because oil and gas is often considered a complex subject, the aim of the project is to present this subject in the most simplified way for the general public using both visual and audio material”, she said.

"This section is the only one in the museum which illustrates the past, the present and the future: past, with the history of the oil discoveries and the extraordinary way nature, through geology, enables us access to a sustainable source of energy; present, with the presentation on the pre-development phase and the hopes that are triggered; future, with the production and commercialisation through the refinery and the crude export pipeline and the new economically prosperous era it will open for Uganda”, she added.

Rose Mwanje, the Commissioner of Museums and Antiquities welcomed the contribution by the three partners and expressed that the revamped section would help to revitalise public interest in the museum. She called upon other corporate companies to emulate the contribution made by the partners in order to bring the Uganda museum up to international standards.