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We aim to not only implement but also demonstrate the achievement of Net Positive Gain on the Tilenga project whilst adhering to the most stringent international requirements. Since the start of our operations, we have made the commitment to develop this project in a transparent, socially and environmentally friendly manner in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), hence the campaign theme “Action for Sustainability. "Through the campaign, the company will showcase the various initiatives and actions around the themes of Environment and Biodiversity conservation, Social and Human Rights, all of which have been undertaken in close collaboration with relevant Government authorities, communities as well as local and international CSOs and NGOS.

Philippe Groueix General Manager TotalEnergies EP Uganda.


TotalEnergies EP Uganda unveiled its Action for Sustainability campaign aimed at showcasing the various initiatives that the company has been undertaking to ensure the sustainable development of Uganda’s oil and gas resources, in collaboration with the regulators and various partners. 

We have put together numerous visuals to speak about the Action For Sustainability Campaign. 

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